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The Pros and Cons of Putting an Addition on Your Home

Second-Story Addition - South Shore Home Renovations MA

Whether you’re looking to add a place to entertain, the growing kids need their own rooms, or you simply need a little room to breathe, adding a second story is a great move to increase your living space. However, house additions can be very expensive. Once started, home additions cannot be easily removed or changed. If you plan to take on a big project it will cost you an average of $22,403 – $80,991. The more rooms you add, the higher the total expense, and it could reach up to six figures. Thus, you must carefully look into these pros and cons before you start.

Pros of Adding a Second Story to Your House

Second-Story Addition - South Shore Home Renovations

You Can Design the Space According to Your Wants and Needs

Your second-story addition doesn’t have to be basic. You can get creative and design the space according to your aesthetic likes and necessities. Even if you have an old home, a renovated one, or a new house, adding a touch of your uniqueness won’t cause any harm as long as it’s within the budget. Planning out and building your home additions can be both enjoyable and aesthetically satisfying, especially in working on your second-story addition, which could be considered a blank canvas.

You Won’t Need to Move or Buy a Bigger House

Moving from one house to another can be very taxing and expensive. You will need to search for your next home, hire realtor services, and do inspections and possible renovations. Not only that, but you also need to adjust your lifestyle, meet new neighbours, possibly find a new job, or get the kids to a new school, which can drain your wallet as well as your energy.

Nevertheless, with a second-story addition, you won’t need to tackle those things. You can continue to enjoy your life in the comforts of your home.

Your Property Value Might Increase

Building an addition may be costly; however, this expense may be recovered during the time of sale. Remodelled houses commonly have high predicted values compared to others. It can help your property become one of the top options for home buyers, giving you a higher return on your investment. Keep in mind the pricing in your area may differ from the time of your build to the time of sale.

Cons of Adding a Second Story to Your House

South Shore Home Renovations - Second-Story Addition

Building a Home Addition Can Increase Your Stress

If you plan to build a home addition, be ready for the stress you may face and learn how to deal with it. Having people working at your house six days a week could disrupt your daily routine. You can expect less privacy as the contractors are working on the project. You will have to deal with the contractors throughout the duration of building your home addition. Challenges like supplies, disputes, and changes in the plan will probably follow, so it’s important that you find a contractor who understands you and will deliver. If you do, home addition stress may not become a problem.

Building a Second-Story Addition Will Take Time

Building a new home could take 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of house. For home additions, it is much shorter, but you should not expect to have the work done overnight. There are a lot of things to prepare and people involved, including electricians, plumbers, and construction crews. It’s done step by step and could take time, depending on the scale of the project. Thus, you should work with a reliable contractor to avoid complaints and delays.

You Need to Adhere to Building Codes and Get Permits

Adding a second story to your house requires permits and the plan should adhere to building codes. It’s a project that requires you to upgrade your plumbing and electrical system around the house. The prerequisite may vary based on your location and the scale of your project. If you fail to comply, you will need to pay large fines and undo the project. But you don’t need to worry; second-story contractors can help you with that.

Other Vital Factors You Need to Consider When Building a Second-Story Addition

Aside from the advantages and disadvantages, you will also need to ask these few things:

● Is your foundation stable?

● Do you have enough money for the project?

● Do have a local home addition contractor near you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are now ready to go and find a home addition contractor.

Finding the Right Second-Story Addition Contractor

South Shore Home Renovations

If you have decided to do the project, look for a home addition contractor you can trust. A contractor that understands you and helps you understand what the work entails. They are going to be with you for a while, so you need to find someone you can openly talk to and who is an expert in the field.

Hancock Renovation South Shore has completed hundreds of second-story home additions in the South Shore, Massachusetts area. We have been working with home additions for over a decade now. We closely worked with clients to ensure realistic expectations are met. We can guarantee to deliver the project at a quicker turnaround time!

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