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Hancock Renovation South Shore has been transforming houses into homes for over ten years. We complete all kinds of home renovation projects like redesigning, painting, installing windows, carpentry, welding, adding heating and cooling systems, repairing, framing, electrical and plumbing works, installing drywall, creating additional rooms, downsizing spaces, and so much more! 

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To give you more of a breakdown, here are our top projects:

Kitchen Remodel

You deserve a beautiful and functional kitchen. If you want to revamp this part of your home, we can have it done for you! From modernizing the layout, installing cabinets, replacing windows, fixing plumbing and wiring, and so much more! Just name it, and you can have it. In fact, we have remodeled hundreds of kitchens in our ten years in the industry. So, you can guarantee that you will have your dream kitchen in no time.

Bathroom Remodel

A restored bathroom increases the value of your property, modernizes its decor, and improves its compatibility with your current lifestyle and needs. Remodeling is an excellent opportunity to make upgrades that can benefit you and your family for many years- be it installing a new shower, laying down new floor tiles, or adding a vanity. We will help you improve your bathroom’s functionality, storage, and comfort in your next design or renovation.


A basic garage might have far more potential than you would think. We can transform your garage from a chilly and uninviting environment into a warm and relaxing space, an upgraded garage, or anything that you want it to be with effort and craftsmanship. We can change its overall paint, add insulation, install windows, improve lighting, convert it into a new room, or whatever you like! Your wish is our command.

In-law Suite/ extra bedroom/ guest suite

Make your guests feel extra welcome by remodeling a guest suite in your home. We can finish the project for you, whether you currently have a room that needs upgrading or you're redesigning another space to become your guest bedroom.

Second-story addition

Adding a second level to your home is no easy task. If you are thinking about it, chances are your current living space feels cramped. We can help you with that. With your ideas, we can add more space for you and your moved ones. We can collaborate with its design, layout, and construction plan.

Basements / Finish

The lowest floor of your home has a lot of promise. Our team treats a basement like any of the above-ground rooms and transforms it into the most popular hangout space in the house. You have a lot of options for your basement! You can check them on our Basement Remodel/Finish page.

Bonus Room / Great Room / Office

Remote work is in, so your office has to be in too! You deserve more than a metal desk and an extra chair crammed into a spare corner. It does not matter whether your home office is a dedicated space for operating a business, your remote workstation, or simply a nook for paying bills and arranging your calendar. You'll want to stay up late in an office that matches the style and comfort of the rest of your house. We can repaint the walls to the color that you like, change the room layout, install lights, and many more.

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