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Norwell, a Boston suburb with a population of 11,054, is ranked first in the Best Places to Live in Plymouth County. This charming rural town is a 20-mile drive from south of Boston, which offers its visitors a fresh view of country roads, dairy farms, cornfields, and ball fields. Norwell, originally named Satuit and later Scituate, was founded in 1634. Some lived along the ocean’s periphery and in Scituate Harbor. The residents were dubbed the “Inland People” at the time. In 1888, the town’s name was changed to Norwell by ballot vote. Presently, the town is an upper-class community with excellent public services, amenities, and other attractive locations.

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Norwell is home to many conservation areas, walking trails, and nature parks. A few of these are the Jacobs Pond, Black Bog Pond, the Norris Reservation, and the Wampatuck State Park. Many visitors and residents love to explore these areas to unwind and break free from the monotony of daily life activities. There is also the South Shore Natural Science Center, a non-profit organization that aims to educate the public about the natural and cultural environments in South Shore. The town also has an array of local businesses like restaurants, flower farms, and dairy farms. All these places to explore and exciting things to do are proof of why Norwell is deemed as one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. 

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Hancock Renovation South Shore is proud to serve the lovely town of Norwell. In such a beautiful and charming town, people can indeed find a place to call home. And talking about home, it is only understandable that you want it to be the best place for you and your family. Renovations and remodeling are inevitable in this regard. This is why we at Hancock Renovation South Shore bring a service that you can always rely on.

We have been providing high-quality work for over a decade, thanks to our dedicated team of construction and renovation experts. We provide kitchen remodel services, which are perfect for those looking for a more functional and beautiful kitchen area. We also remodel bathrooms, which is a great way to increase the value of your home. Or, if you want to make your garage more functional, we can change the paint, add windows, lighting, insulation, or anything else you have in mind. Basement finishing is another service that we would be delighted to provide for you. We also offer second-story additions and even remodel your guest rooms if you want an extra space in your house that is conducive to entertaining guests.

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When it comes to home remodeling services, you won’t find anyone like us! When you work with us, you’ll have your home renovated in no time! Get ready for a change you will love. Call us at 781-512-6122 and let us help you make your dream house a reality!