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Adding a second floor to your home or above your garage is a daunting project for contractors and homeowners alike. But it is not impossible, especially when you think about its benefits. Aside from extending your current living space, you can also stay in your neighborhood and not leave your home behind.

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Why should you hire us?

Hancock Renovation South Shore has over a decade of expertise in house renovations and remodeling. Our competence has always enabled us to provide clients with first-rate artistry and quick turnaround times from design to remodeling of a home. We are a team of Interior Designers, Contractors, Engineers, and Architects who take on the challenge of creating projects with efficiency and distinction.

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Why do you need a second story addition?

Adding a second floor to your home is one of the major home renovation works that you can highly benefit from. It is for a simple reason: you can convert it into any room you want and have ample living space without moving away from your existing house. You can turn it into a bedroom, bathroom, den, office, play area, and many more. The possibilities are endless with a second story addition!

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Hancock Renovation South Shore has completed hundreds of bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, basement finishing, second-story addition, garages, total home renovations for over a decade.

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How do we complete a second floor addition?

In completing a vertical home expansion, we will closely collaborate with you to ensure that your preferences are met. Moreover, we double-check building regulations and foundation requirements in your area to avoid possible violations. Hancock Renovation South Shore has developed four strategies for second story addition. They are as follows:

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We can vertically extend your existing one-story space like a porch or garage that has a flat roof.

Build from the ground up

We can demolish your roof and start over with a whole new top level. If you are adding a second storey to a ranch-style home, we will probably do it this way.

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Modular design

We design and construct a modular second-story addition off-site and have it delivered to you completely finished. Adding a second storey to your house is frequently the simplest and most cost-effective option.

Replace roofs

Another option is to cut the present roof around the corners, remove it, and then replace it when the new level has been boxed in.

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We also fulfil the following vital tasks in addition to the techniques listed above:

  • Matching windows
  • Reducing the appearance of boxiness
  • Maintaining proportions
  • Dealing with height limits
  • Providing suitable structural support

What are the benefits of adding a second floor to your home?

Because we will not conduct any foundation work, you can lower your overall home remodel price. You can also instantly quadruple your home’s square footage by building a new level on top of your current home’s footprint without having to leave your beloved neighborhood.

Likewise, you can retain your outside, open space when adding a second floor to your home. It allows you to keep your garden, large trees, flowerbeds, outside living area, or distance from your neighbors. 

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