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We can extend the space in your home! Whether you add a bonus room, great room, or office, South Shore Remodel can do the job for you. Your dream of having a room addition is within your reach! 

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Why add an office, great room, or bonus room to your home?

Your home is not only a place of relaxation but a place for productivity too. Thus, having an office addition is a great idea. It makes you more organized and adds to the functionality and sophistication of your house.

On the other hand, a great room or bonus room provides an additional space for you and your family to unwind and make memories in. You can turn it into a TV room, hobby or recreation space, music room, home gym, play area, yoga studio, library, gaming room, or anything you desire. 

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Why should you hire us?

Hancock Renovation South Shore has over a decade of expertise in house renovations and remodeling. Our competence has always enabled us to provide clients with first-rate artistry and quick turnaround times from design to remodeling of a home. We are a team of Interior Designers, Contractors, Engineers, and Architects who take on the challenge of creating projects with efficiency and distinction. 

Please get to know us more on our About Us page. Trust us to complete the job for you! We guarantee that we always deliver.

Have no designs yet?

If you find yourself stuck and in need of creative juices, you can turn to us for help. South Shore does not only complete house renovation projects, but we generate home remodeling ideas too! We can turn your bonus or great room into a tv room, playroom, billiards and games room, bar or wine cellar, lounge area, an attic or loft. You can also collaborate with us in designing your space.

Call us today to talk about your office, great room, or bonus room addition project! We also offer basement finishing,
 second-story addition and total home renovations. Our company will gladly walk you through the process and give you the professional guidance and advice that you need. We also offer a free instant quote to get you started on your remodel journey.

How does a typical room addition operate?

We have worked with hundreds of homeowners on the South Shore for over ten years in the home renovation business. When we design an extra office, great room, or bonus room, we complete many tasks. Some of which are the following:

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For office addition:

Our team does not build an additional home office all the time. Instead, we sometimes re-purpose and re-arrange the existing rooms in your house to maximize its area. For homes with limited space, we install fold-out wall-mounted desks. We also hide study stations within your closet or build a desk that doubles as storage shelves. South Shore Remodel also completes paint jobs to the color/s of your liking.

For great room or bonus room addition:

Our typical duties are but not limited to installing or replacing windows, building wood structures, completing renovation or remodeling works, repairing roofs, upgrading floors, adding shelves and drawers, and installing insulation, plumbing, and wiring.

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