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West Bridgewater is a small residential town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. It is bordered by Bridgewater to the south, Brockton to the north, East Bridgewater to the East, and Easton to the West. According to the 2020 US Census, West Bridgewater has a total population of 7,707. It has a total land area of 15.7 square miles, of which only 0.35 square miles is composed of water. The town was first settled in 1651 as a part of Old Bridgewater. It was officially incorporated in 1822.  Like any other town in Plymouth County, West Bridgewater evolved as both an agrarian and industrial area. The Town River supplied hydropower for milling and irrigation for farming.

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What’s noteworthy in West Bridgewater?

Matfield Maple Farm

It is a family-owned working farm. If you want to experience farm life and want to know how maple syrup is made. It has been in operation for over 15 years. The nice thing about visiting this place is that the owner is so hands-on and takes time to explain the process of producing maple syrup by incorporating old traditions with the new technology. You can take a tour for an hour or two in the woods. It’s a great way to bond with family or friends. While on the tour, you’ll learn a lot about the history, weather relationship, and heritage of the sugar industry. Don’t be surprised by the presence of the furry llama and sheep friends. Check out the farm’s gift shop if you want to take home a bottle of maple syrup.

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War Memorial Park Garage Remodel Service West Bridgewater MA

War Memorial Park

One of the most significant historical sites in West Bridgewater is the War Memorial Park which was established in 1936.  The park is 4.4 acres with 0.4 miles of public trails. It commemorates the town’s industrial legacy. It has been acknowledged as the first industrial park in the US, where shovels, axes, nails, and other farming tools were produced in the latter part of the 18th century. When the park was created, some individuals made donations of historic industrial artifacts. The area has a creek, hills, stone stairs. There is also a small hide-away portion at the end of the park. This park is a perfect place for walking, jogging, and biking. If you want solitude without being away from home, this is the place for you.

Wildlands Trust - Great River Preserve

This preserve consists of 125 acres of pristine lands, a mile of unspoiled river frontage along with one of the most picturesque and calm stretches of the entire Taunton River, wide-open fields, mixed woodlands, and vernal ponds. This amazing place is also a habitat for diverse flora and fauna. Because of the lack of vehicle traffic in the area, most first-time visitors experienced a rural feel. The tranquility of the preserve offers an inviting atmosphere for walking, jogging, and other outdoor activities. It allows you to study nature and other animal species.

Wildlands Trust Great River Preserve Garage Remodel Service West Bridgewater MA
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