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Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.


So much happens in the kitchen. Don’t you think so? It is unquestionably the busiest area of your home. The kitchen is where you dine, prepare your favorite meals, do schoolwork with your children, learn how to cook and bake, converse over a cup of hot tea, and host and entertain guests. The kitchen is, without a doubt, the most used space in the house, as well as a place rich of memories.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about kitchen remodel ideas and planning a kitchen renovation, Hancock Renovation South Shore has you covered. Before you begin your makeover, here are the things that you need to know:


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Why should you hire us?

Hancock Renovation South Shore has over a decade of expertise in house renovations and remodeling. Our competence has always enabled us to provide clients with first-rate artistry and quick turnaround times from design to remodeling of a home. We are a team of Interior Designers, Contractors, Engineers, and Architects who take on the challenge of creating projects with efficiency and distinction. 

Please get to know us more on our About Us page. Trust us to complete the job for you! We guarantee that we always deliver.


How expensive is an average kitchen remodel?

To be fully transparent, kitchen renovations can get costly. In fact, kitchens are the most expensive room to work on. But do not panic because we have your back! We can find ways to achieve your dream kitchen without straining your budget.

According to Sweeten.com, the following are the average kitchen renovation prices in Boston for 2020: low-end kitchen starts at $15,000 to $30,000 or more, mid-range kitchen remodel starts at $30,000 or higher, and high-end remodel starts at $65,000 or more.

Yes, it can get expensive. So make sure to only hire trusted general contractors! Read about the benefits you will get if you hire Hancock Renovation South Shore to complete your home remodel for you.

What are the typical kitchen remodel jobs?

Kitchen renovations and jobs depend on your desired outcome. In our ten years of experience remodeling kitchens, these are some of the things that we typically do:

Have no designs yet?

If you find yourself stuck and in need of creative juices, you can turn to us for help. South Shore does not only complete kitchen renovation projects, but we generate kitchen remodeling ideas too! You can also collaborate with us in designing your space. Some of our past ideas for clients include alternatives to a kitchen island, customized shelvings, provence-inspired california theme, and kitchen designs inspired by client’s professions.

Contact us today to talk about your kitchen remodel project! We will gladly walk you through the process and give you the professional guidance and advice that you need. We also offer a free instant quote to residents for Quicy MA, Milton, MA and nearby areas. Let’s get you started on your remodel journey.

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