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Marshfield is located in southeastern Massachusetts and is part of Plymouth County. A coastal town 30 miles south of Boston, Marshfield has a population of 25,825 as of the 2020 census. Among the essential services provided to the residents of Marshfield are public safety, schools, public libraries, and senior center.

Marshfield is active with events and attractions every year, including the Marshfield Fair, which brings visitors from all over the state. The town takes pride in the education system for its almost 5,000 students, as well as its sports programs, and in its environmental beauty both on the inland and on the coast.

Quick History

The town of Marshfield was an offshoot of the settlement at Plymouth. By 1632, areas were formed, and the is region was originally known as Green’s Harbor, then as Rexhame when it formally became a town. Later, it became known as Marshfield, due to the extensive saltwater marshes in the area. The precinct eventually became an official town in 1640.

In the early years, industry in the town consisted of farming, fishing, and raising cattle. During the 19th century, Marshfield was home to a nail factory, which was one of the first to manufacture nails by machine. Shipbuilding also grew as an industry in the town at that time. Today, Marshfield is a somewhat rural town and is a popular summer resort. Many residents commute to work in Boston via highway, MBTA bus service, or commuter ferry from Hingham.

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