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The quaint town of Avon in Massachusetts is approximately 17 miles south of Boston and is a part of Norfolk County. Avon holds less than 5,000 residents and is classed as having both the smallest population, as well as land area in the region. The town was settled by Moses Curtis in the 1700’s and was officially incorporated as a town in the 1800’s after separating from Stoughton. Avon residents have a variety of transport choices. With an exit on to Route 24, it’s easy to get to where you need to go by car. The town is also served by buses from the Brockton Transit Authority, as well as the MBTA, giving residents quick and easy access to Brockton and Boston.

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Located in the South Shore area in Massachusetts, Hancock Renovation South Shore is a home remodeling service, bringing homes from concept to completion. We take strong pride in our ability to provide affordable and quality renovations and remodeling services. We are a very trustworthy contracting service, with years of experience in the industry. We offer many remodeling and renovation services such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, the additions of a second story, extra rooms, or garages. Contact us today on 781 512 6122 for a free quote for your home renovation and remodeling work!

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