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Hull is one of the oldest towns in Massachusetts. It was originally known as Nantasket, which means “at the strait” or “low-tide place.” In 1644, Nantasket was renamed Hull and incorporated as a town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The town is situated on a peninsula at the southern border of Boston Harbor. As of the 2021 US Census, the town has a total population of 10,455. In terms of land area, Hull is the fourth-smallest town in Massachusetts.

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The town of Hull was gifted with amazing beaches and wonderful nature. One of the most popular destinations is Nantasket Beach. It has been the summer home to some prominent figures including Calvin Coolidge and John F. Fitzgerald. It’s a great escape from the busy lifestyle of Boston. During the summer, visitors can watch concerts or take dance lessons. Aside from water activities like swimming and surfing, you can also enjoy biking and hiking. Their facilities include a Volleyball field, pavilion, bathhouse, and playground. Watch the clear horizon and witness the majestic sunset that exudes a nostalgic vibe. Nantasket Beach is also a perfect venue if you are planning a wedding. There are several restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine. The property has a huge parking lot so parking is not an issue.

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fort revere park hull massachusetts

If you are a history buff, Fort Revere Park is the ideal destination for you. Learn more about the history of Hull and explore the remains of the fort that dates back from the American Revolution. The the historic site is equipped with picnic tables for anyone wanting to dine outdoors and take in the spectacular view of the Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay.

Today, stay-cations are a popular way to get in a short vacation and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life while staying close to home. All you need is a quiet and peaceful place. Bumpkin Island is the best choice if you want to camp out. The island used to be a fish drying place, a home to farmers, polio patients, and a naval training camp. It is now a popular camping destination, with one large group campsite, a maximum capacity of 25 people, and ten small campsites, a maximum capacity of four people each. Explore the slate and shell beaches while walking on the trails filled with wildflowers. The remains of the children’s hospital and a stone farmhouse tell a lot about the past of the island. Another perk of camping at Bumpkin Island is watching the magnificent sunrise.

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While having fun at Nantasket Beach, include Paragon Carousel and Museum on your bucket list. It was built in 1928 and has been in operation for 90 years. What’s unique about this attraction? The 66 wooden horses are intricately carved together with the two rare Roman Chariots. The Paragon carousel has a long interesting history. The children and adults alike will enjoy the backdrop of beauty, pleasure, and the rich history of the venue.

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