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Incorporated in 1712, Pembroke is a suburb of the Boston Metropolitan Area on the South Shore. Its land area of 23 square miles is occupied by over 18,300 people. Pembroke is a historic place in Plymouth County which used to be part of Duxbury.

Pembroke was well-known for its water resources including the North River and Indian Head River as well as its ponds such as the Oldham, Furnace, Great Sandy Bottom, Little Sandy Bottom, and Stetson Ponds. The town’s annual celebration for its abundant herring supply from its waters is called the “Grande Old Fish Fry”. The herring was a prized resource of Pembroke in 1741.

Pembroke continues to grow as a successful city with a stable population and income. In fact, it was considered as a contender for CNN Money’s “Best Places to Live” in terms of its education system, quality of life, and finance. 

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Why It Pays to Live in Pembroke

Ready to move to Pembroke? Before you decide and get ready to go, consider the following factors and information about living in Pembroke, MA.

South Shore Home Renovations Pembroke MA Garage Remodel

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If you want a perfectly planned, renovated room in your house, relying on professional remodelers is the way to go. It’s always a good choice to have experts around to assist you in planning, designing, and constructing the extra room you’ve been dreaming of. They’ll help save more money and time for your family. 

Pembroke MA South Shore Home Renovations Garage Remodel
Garage Remodel Pembroke MA South Shore Home Renovations

Renovating kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and other rooms in a house is what Hancock Renovation South Shore does best. As professionals, Hancock Renovation South Shore stands behind its work and offers our customer’s liability insurance in the unexpected event of damage to your property during the construction or for any personal and bodily injuries. 

We value every project we do as much as we value the relationship we built with the families we work for. This way, you can be sure to get 100% high-quality results from us. Creating a home sweet home for everyone in the South Shore area is our top priority!

South Shore Home Renovations Garage Remodel

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