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Quincy is located in Norfolk County. It is located 11 miles south of Boston’s capital and 42 miles northeast of the Rhode Islands. With an area of nearly 27 square kilometers, it is Massachusetts’ eighth-largest city. The city of Quincy is considered to be part of the Boston metropolitan area. It was incorporated as a town in 1792 and renamed Quincy to honor Colonel John Quincy. It was also known as the City of Presidents. After all, this is where America’s second and sixth presidents—John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams—grew up.

This city is not only vibrant, but it is also rich in history and accomplishments. It is the hometown of John Hancock, who is famous for signing the country’s Declaration of Independence with an unusually large signature. Quincy is also home to two of the most well-known franchises, Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin Donuts. Both names were well-known in the city before gaining national and international recognition.

Aside from these historical figures, Quincy also has many places to visit and things to do. People from all walks of life visit Adams National Historic Park and the United First Parish Church to learn more about their history. It was here that the Granite Railway, the country’s first national commercial railroad, was built. Quincy has many lovely places and fun activities too, like the Marina Bay and Harbor Express, that will allow you to enjoy the sea and its view.

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Hancock Renovation South Shore is a company headquartered in Quincy, MA with over a decade of experience in home remodeling and renovations. We take great pride in offering low-cost, high-quality renovation and remodeling services.  We specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, office and guest suite renovations, second story addition, and basement remodeling or finishing. Our great craftsmanship is defined by our consistency from project conception to completion.

There are numerous reasons to choose Hancock Renovation South Shore. Aside from our main office in Quincy, we also serve Milton MA, and other areas on the South Shore. All of our employees and contractors are licensed, well-trained, professional, and insured. You can always contact our friendly staff if you have any questions about design, planning, budgeting, or other aspects of home renovation. Our clients are our top priority and can count on us to go above and beyond on every project.

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