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Scituate is a small seacoast town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, located between Boston and Plymouth. As of 2021, the town has a population of 19,080. Scituate is a popular summer vacation spot. Over the years, Americans considered the town as one of the best places to settle and retire. The location is perfect to raise families.

Despite the industrial development, fishing is still an integral part of the local economy in Scituate. The rise of different businesses and commercial centers did not change the flavors of its past. The celebration of “Heritage Days” implies its strong sense of history.

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Visitors can also enjoy exciting activities and amazing spots in Scituate. It offers points of interest and signature experiences for both residents and tourists alike. One is the Scituate Lighthouse, located in Scituate Harbor, which was built in 1811. It became significant when the British soldiers retreated in 1814. The soldiers heard sounds from a fife and drum which made them think that the sounds came from Scituate Militia. The Lawson Tower is also a must-see landmark. It was built in 1902, with a European-style castle turret. Another is the Old Oaken Bucket Homestead and Well, built in 1823. It has been associated with the poet Samuel Woodworth who wrote the poem “The Old Oaken Bucket”. Other historical places like Stockbridge Mill and Cudworth House are operated by Scituate Historical Society. 

For those who want to enjoy the majestic views of Cape Cod Bay and ocean activities, Scituate has five wonderful beaches: Sand Hills, Egypt, Humarock, Peggotty, and Minot.

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A house with a sea view has always been a dream of most people. The sea breeze, tranquil water, and soft sand emanate inner peace and positivity. However, a home built near the beach has to be sturdy and disaster-resilient. Speaking of which, Hancock Renovation South Shore has the perfect designs for home improvement. The company is based in Quincy, MA, and services other cities and towns on the South Shore are.

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We work within the budget of each client without compromising quality. First-rate craftsmanship is our priority. Remodeling is not just our job, it is a passion that we want to share with people.

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