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How Much Does A Second Story Addition Cost?


Tired of roaming around your bungalow? How nice would it be to have some privacy when you want to lie down or just read a book quietly in one room upstairs? Make your existing home the perfect refuge for you and your family with a wonderfully-built second story. Aside from adding more rooms for everyone to use, this added feature will also increase the value of your property. Thus, a good investment for the future.


A Rough Estimate

Just like adding any other features to a structure, building a second story will require thorough planning before anything else. One of the most important aspects to consider at this point is, of course, the cost of the construction process. Below is a rough estimate of the possible expenses you might have when you decide to upgrade your home. Of course, this can vary depending on what things you will be adding, such as a bathroom, bedroom, or others.


  • Materials = 50% of expenses
  • Labor = 10 to 25% of expenses
  • Building Permits – $1,200 to $2,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of Adding a Second Story

Adding a second story highly depends on a homeowner’s desire and plans. You might want to add more rooms and one bathroom, while others just want a single space upstairs for random activities and functions. In such a case, the cost for this project may also be different as it becomes affected by several other factors, such as:

Size and shape 

This pertains to the complexity of the current home you have. If it’s a 2,000 square foot ranch home and you want to add a full second story, expect the price to be higher than upgrading a typical 1,000 square foot home with a partial addition.

Quality of materials

The type of materials you choose, like higher-end stone siding or marble bathroom flooring, greatly impacts the price of the project.

Foundation reinforcement

If you know your home was made with a strong foundation and materials, it may be strong enough to take the weight of a second-story addition. For better assistance, hiring a professional local structural engineer will be beneficial in having your foundation evaluated to see whether it needs more strengthening.


Fees for hiring a contractor are often higher for those who are operating in metropolitan regions than in rural areas.

Temporary housing

Your home needs to be unoccupied for your safety while the operation is ongoing. Partial additions usually take up to six months, whereas a full second story addition may take up to 12 months. You’ll need to either stay in a relative’s home nearby or rent, which will add to the price as well.


With a construction project as complex and large as a second-story addition, a contractor’s help is highly necessary. Doing it yourself may simply cut the cost, but your safety and security are compromised. You may have avoided paying for labor, yet the quality of your work will be lacking unless you are an experienced builder yourself.


You can add some personal touch to the project but not as much as just leaving everything to your own hands. Experts are familiar with planning the construction, choosing the materials, and installing the actual second story to your home that’s 100% secure and safe. Avoid redoing things and putting yourself at risk for not knowing the complexities of the construction, zoning, and building code requirements by having professionals guiding you.

Experts’ Advice on Remodeling

Everything about your home is worth investing in, especially when you know that it will make your family happy and comfortable. Hancock Renovation South Shore is a premier contractor for all home renovations and remodeling services you need. It is our job to make every home a dream come true for homeowners, having all the features and additions you want.

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