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Benefits of Adding an Extra Bathroom

Adding Extra Bathroom-South Shore Home Remodel Avon, MA

They say that the kitchen is the most significant area in one’s home, but there’s no question that a bathroom is an equally crucial space too. Bathrooms are not only where you take care of business, but where you maintain your hygiene as well as a place to escape and relax. 

Having one bathroom may be sufficient, but there are more advantages to adding an extra bathroom to your home. If you’ve ever considered adding another bathroom, or perhaps have never considered it at all, here are some reasons why you should:

Added Privacy

privacy glass gold plated bathroom door

People share bathrooms due to necessity, not because of choice. When you add an extra washroom to your home, everyone in the house enjoys the added privacy. Fewer people sharing a bathroom means decreased struggles for space and fewer germs from both guests’ and housemates’ regular use.

Boosts the Value of your Home

While bathrooms may not always be the primary feature that comes to mind when considering any home renovation, having an extra washroom can do wonders for your home’s value. Renovating your bathroom can be inexpensive yet add ample amounts in terms of appeal, which can be beneficial when putting your home up for sale.

Back-up If Something Goes Wrong

If you’ve been living life with one washroom, you’ve probably lived in fear of the day your restroom becomes unavailable for whatever reason. Whether you have a sick family hogging the toilet or you’re having unexpected plumbing problems, a second bathroom serves all your needs when that single bathroom just isn’t at its best.

Easier Day to Day Usage

Unless you’re living on your own, there’s no point in denying that adding a second bathroom can make life more convenient. Common situations during the day, such as rushing before work or school can create queues outside the bathroom, so you’ll either have to be in a hurry inside or outside waiting for your turn. A second washroom goes a long way toward providing a solution in these scenarios.

It makes hosting guests more pleasant.

Without a doubt, it can be challenging to host large family or friend get-togethers when your home does not have enough bathrooms. Adding a second bathroom is the ideal way to help guests relax.

What to Consider Before Adding an Extra Bathroom

bathroom with bathtub and shower

Adding an extra bathroom to your home can be an ideal decision for you, both in terms of convenience and financial value. However, it is essential to consider the project before working on a home improvement project. To maximize your home’s value while keeping costs low, factors such as size, location, and quality must be considered.

Deciding whether to have a half bath or full bath must be your primary thought. Determining the amount of space you have to work on is essential too. While bathrooms do not require much space, using the available space efficiently can make a huge difference in building a functional washroom. Also, putting extra work into the layout of the sink, toilet and shower can save you more money in terms of building and plumbing.

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Today, many homeowners are excellent DIYers, but adding a bathroom means more than building walls and installing fixtures. With this in mind, you will require the expertise of a skilled electrician and plumber to make sure the job is done right, efficiently, and within code.
The experts at Hancock Renovation South Shore can help you assess any building mishaps that could cost you significantly down the road. Thankfully, our trained and expert plumbers at Hancock Renovation South Shore are available to help you with all of your bathroom needs. No renovation job is too big for us, and we would love to help you build the additional bathroom space in your home. Contact us today at 781-512-6122 to learn more about our services. Our team is always ready to build you the bathroom of your dreams!

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