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How to Make the Most of a Guest Room Addition

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Make more room for guests during the holidays or whenever you desire, right at your humble abode. Visitors know they’re welcome to spend the night if there’s a dedicated room for them. An extra room or available space in your house can be turned into the perfect temporary dwelling for your guests. Read on to get some of the best remodeling and decorating tips to make your visitors feel at home.

Renew the paint, flooring, curtains, beddings, and other basics

  • The first few things that greet your guests upon opening the door to the guest room are the paint, the decorations, and the smell inside.  In order to achieve a truly comfortable and enticing space for them, add newly washed or scented pillows, beddings, and others.

Use nice lighting

  • Offer a restful stay to your guests with an ambiance of tranquility and calmness by using soft lighting. This will help them unwind upon going to bed. Place a dimmer switch and lamps around the room to allow guests to control how much light there will be.

Provide enough safe storage space

  • Having traveled a long way from their home to yours, your guests surely need a place to store their luggage and other belongings during their stay. See to it that the space available is enough for everything they have by adding a dresser or a closet in the room.

Create or update a bathroom

  • It may seem unnecessary to have a separate bathroom for your guests if there is already a nearby one. However, having one inside the room that they can use anytime and stocking it with the basics, like toothpaste, toothbrush, and shampoo is more accommodating.

Stick with soothing colors

  • Light colors are soothing colors that create a larger look to a small space. It also has a calming appeal to the eyes that is perfect for your guest room. This can be the best choice for the flooring, walls, ceiling, duvet, comforter, etc.

Benefits of Adding a Guest Room

Having a guestroom not only makes overnight guests more comfortable, it also serves as a restful place for anyone shuffling rooms in the night. Other benefits of adding a guest room includes:

  • Enjoy a long term value of your entire home because of an additional bed room.
  • Becoming a possible in-law suite for your grandmother, mother-in-law, and other aging members of the family if they desire to live with you in your house.
  • Can be used as a multi-functional area such as a recording room, play area, home office, library, etc.
Adding guest room-southshorehomeremodel-abington-MA

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