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How much does a garage renovation cost?

Garage Renovation in Duxbury Massachusetts - Hancock Renovation South Shore, MA

Renovation is one way of restoring the glory and value of any structure. A home that has become old and weathered can be transformed into a lovelier, more modern style that will suit your family’s taste. The garage that has been serving you for years can be turned into a stylish space for your cars as well.

Garage renovation does not have to be pricey or time-consuming if you know the right people to turn to for help and guidance. Have you ever thought about storing other stuff like old appliances and furniture in your garage aside from your car? Well, in the hands of top-notch professionals in garage renovations, it can be a lot more than that!

How to Plan a Garage Renovation

1. Set a budget including the unexpected expenses.

Price is a top consideration in deciding whether or not to get a renovation project done to your home. Having a budget set for the renovation makes a big difference and can save you from a lot of trouble. It prevents you from making expensive choices in materials and design.

2. Decide how the payment will be done.

The worst thing any homeowner could experience is to have a bill from the contractor and not know where to get the money to pay for everything. Planning helps you think about your savings and other sources of income that you can use to cover all expenses in this project. There may be some adjustments in the price of materials along the way. Be prepared for such things by knowing your financial resources ahead of time.

3. Set your priorities and goals for the project.

Home renovation contractors and the project itself depend on your goals. As you choose a garage remodeling contractor to hire, remember to look for one that is composed of professional and experienced designers and builders. You can share with them your thoughts and ideas for the renovation you desire for your garage.

4. Be mindful of spending.

 If your budget doesn’t allow you to get your first choice of material or design, maybe it’s fine to make some adjustments. Make sure to list everything down to see clearly how much you need to add and deduct. That way you will not be surprised to find out your bill for the entire project.

Garage Renovation in Duxbury Massachusetts - Hancock Renovation South Shore MA

Types of Garage Renovation and their Cost

Semi Garage Remodel

– Applicable for minor renovations such as upgrading your garage’s aesthetic features 

 like the walls and floors or changing the door.

– Home remodeling contractors will focus on such specific parts to fix in your garage 

and do no major changes to it.

– Semi garage remodeling cost approximately up to $5,000.

Complete Garage Renovation

– Perfect for homeowners planning to have the garage completely for car storage.

– A major renovation service is done only by the experts in garage remodeling.

– It is not suitable for DIY which will take a little longer and be more expensive especially 

if you are a novice in this field.

– Definitely requires professional touch for a hassle-free project, making your garage 

functional again with a new ceiling, customized storage cabinets, and stylishly coated 


– Complete garage makeover costs an estimated amount of up to $15,000.

Garage Conversion

– The best option for families needing more space for a living room, workroom, 

bedroom, office room, or any type of room that you desire.

– Requires a total overhaul and improvement of your garage area.

– May lower the value of your property for not having a garage.

– Garage conversion may cost up to $75,000, depending on the changes you want and 

the size of the area of renovation.

Renovation of Garage in Plymouth MA - Hancock Renovation South Shore MA

Garage Remodel Near Me

Hancock Renovation South Shore provides remodeling and renovation services of all kinds. From garage remodels to adding a second storey to your home, we’re here to help. Avoid wasting time and money and trust your next renovation project with us. Our team of professionals will assist you in selecting the proper materials and design for your garage remodel. Call us today at 781-512-6122 to schedule an appointment.

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