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Building Out or Up? Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Floor vs. Expanding Your Home

Building Out or Up The Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Floor vs Expanding Your Home - Hancock Home Renovations-min-min

As far as home improvements go, there is really no end to building options and designs because your home will always need to be adjusted to suit your needs at some point. At first, you will be content with what you have, but sooner or later, you will begin to think about ways to improve your home.

Lowering interest rates or home equity loans are other factors that may encourage you to improve your house or build additions to it. And so, have you ever considered expanding your home or perhaps adding another floor? One more thing: which do you think makes sense, to build up or out?

In that regard, let’s examine the pros and cons of adding a second floor vs. expanding your home so you can determine which option is right for you.

Option 1: Building Up or Adding a Second Floor

Building Up or Adding a Second Floor - Hancock Home Renovations

We will start with adding a second floor as it is more common and consumes less space. There are several pros and cons to building up.


1. Building up consumes less space, and you won’t lose yard space or violate zoning restrictions or floor-area limits.

2. Building up increases the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it, as it shoots up the value of your home because of the extra living space.

3. Building up provides additional rooms or living space without moving away from your existing house.


1. Building up requires space for stairs and consumes a substantial amount of space in your existing house, depending on what type of stairs you choose to install.

2. Building up will require walls, ceilings, or both to be knocked down to install structural supports or feed in the electrical, plumbing, and heating lines.

3. It is costly and time-consuming as it requires careful planning, effort, and resources to plan and construct the second floor. If you live in your existing house and plan on adding a second floor, you should secure an alternative living space until the construction is complete.

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Option 2: Building Out or Expanding Your Home

Building Out or Expanding Your Home - Hancock Home Renovations

On the other hand, if adding a second floor is not what you need or want, expanding your home could be a great alternative. So here are some pros and cons of building out:


1. Building out is cheaper than building up. The cost to add onto a house is much more affordable when building out as you will not consider the planning and building of structural supports for the second floor.

2. Building out allows you to retain the current living space in your house while the home expansion is under construction. Sure, you will still have to deal with the hustle and bustle of construction, but at least you won’t have to secure and pay for an alternative living space while the expanded part of your house is being built.

3. Building out adds more living space to your house. Compared to building up when the additional living space is mostly, if not constantly, based on the current floor plan of your existing house, building out expands your living space as you see fit.


1. It consumes more property space. Building out is much better if you have ample property space. More often than not, most residential lots today don’t have a lot of room to spare, so either you buy the adjacent lot for your home expansion or add a second floor to add more living space.

2. The resale price is not guaranteed. This is because building out consumes property space, and it limits the potential of would-be buyers to expand or remodel both the house and the lot itself.

3. The construction of home expansion can affect your daily life. As was mentioned earlier, you do not have to look for an alternative living space while the expanded part of your house is being built; the construction will add stress to your life for the duration of the construction due to noise and dust, lack of privacy, dealing with the contractor almost daily, and many more.

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Considering Adding a Second Floor in Massachusetts?

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